The Case for Investing Today

With the abundance of information freely available today many enterprising would-be investors are loading themselves up with a wealth of knowledge,

The truth is that no amount of knowledge can completely remove all risk, and no amount of good data and research will save you from actually having to make a decision, a decision with a serious commitment attached. For others the property investing game is a mountain they know they should climb, they know its proven track record, they honestly want to beginning building wealth for their future, but procrastination holds them stuck.

Now I won’t use this space to point out that having an experienced buyer’s agent on your team is an excellent way to minimise risk, and that paying a fee to engage their ongoing help and support is an excellent motivation for breaking procrastination, however, I would like to point just what’s at stake for both of these groups. That is, potentially, great financial returns.

This is something most of us know instinctively as we’ve all told stories of, ‘I remember when you could buy a house in my city for just…’, if you’re reading this newsletter then you’ve probably imagined in a bitter sweet moment just how wealthy you’d be right now if you’d invested in Sydney property 20, or even just 10 years ago. And even if not many of us would remember learning about the power of compound interest back in school at the very least, which showed us that saving just $50 per week for 10years at 3% interest would have accumulated an extra $30,000 in the bank (use this tool here) !

Just recently a Manly beach shack sold for a whopping $7.75 million (see here), which is amazing in itself, but the realisation that my parents owned a unit just three doors up from that exact house in the 1970s really made an impact. Mainly because they paid a mere $100k for that house!

The amazing potential for financial freedom through property investing is why we do this, and we exist to help our clients get their own success story. But simply, the time to start investing in property is today and procrastination is your enemy. We’ve helped many, many people start their success story and we’re here to help you get yours, so talk to us today.