It’s strange to think we only have 3 weeks of winter and then it’s the race towards warmer weather and back to the Aussie beach culture. Its been an interesting few months post election with positive news for property investors like; (some are calling this the Scomo effect)

  • Lower interest rates
  • Property growth back into the Sydney market, Brisbane and Melbourne markets
  • Renewed confidence in the property market
  • Accountability to unprofessional builders

There is always talk about the right time to purchase but it’s hard to deny we are in a unique period of time to secure a strong cashflow by purchasing well and locking in a low interest rate. We might not see the same amount of capital growth as the past while the economy is still sluggish, but be encouraged to think about maximising the return on your property by building a granny flat, or try airbnb, or purchase a dual income or NDIS investment.

The days of one dimensional investing have gone, meaning don’t just chase capital growth but set your self up with cash-flow positive investments.