Gut Feeling

Just this week a friend ran into car troubles yet again, he complained his engine light goes on almost as often as his cabin light these days.

To make matters worse, a quick google search of the car’s model reveals it is widely fraught with problems. In other words, the model is certifiably a lemon. This wasn’t something that he could initially see coming, I mean, it’s a trusted manufacturer and it looks fantastic; the interior is incredibly comfortable and the outside looks the business, he had no complaints there. However, a few years on, a half-dozen factory recalls later, and it’s clear that the car was not a good purchase.

Because, it’s great to have access to a huge amount of off-market stock, but this is only the first step. The next step simply cannot be understated: it’s research. And when we research, we’re not looking for properties that look great and make us feel good… we’re looking for properties with solid underlying investment fundamentals.

So any given week we may only recommend 5% of the properties on our portal to our clients, because that’s the amount that meet our stringent investing criteria. And our property investing checklist is continually being refined and it’s the reason why we can look way beyond outward appearances and asses the actual investment value of any property that comes across our desk.

Now, could my friend have avoided purchasing a lemon car? Quite probably, but firstly he needed to emotionally distance himself from the purchase, then conduct some objective and honest research. At i4property this is exactly when we do for our clients. We stand between you and the investment, and we aren’t moved by our emotions, but we stringently apply our investment criteria to each property. And our ultimate goal is to get you a solid investment, and to keep you as our client in order to ultimately help you to achieve financial well-being through property.

So call us on 1300 883 920 about how to get onto our Partner Program, and start your investing journey.