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Our Partner Program is designed to make property investing as easy as possible by allowing us to guide you through every step of the investing journey. So if you’d like to build wealth through the property markets but find yourself intimidated by the whole process, or you are too time poor to put in the work necessary for successful property investing, then the Partner Program is perfect for you. The Partner Program is divided into the following steps:

1. Get Investment READY

The first step is to sign up to our Partner Program ($750 incl. GST) and arrange for a Property Wealth Consultation. It’s here that we establish your individual financial situation, determine your borrowing capacity and set an achievable financial goal.

2. Get SET to invest

Getting set is all about selecting an appropriate investing strategy, then meeting with an accountant to determine your best tax structure and with a mortgage broker to secure competitive financing. We offer you access to our trusted professional contacts or happily work with your chosen professionals also. Then review our hand-picked investment property opportunities based on our 24 point criteria.

3. Go invest with confidence

This step involves purchasing a high-yield, cashflow positive investment property. We will monitor the build of your property to ensure it meets the highest standards and arrange for a property manager to find the best tenants for your investment, among other things.

1. Get Investment Ready

Book a Discovery Session to discuss your property investing goals
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Sign up for Partner Program
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Discover goals that work

2. Get SET to invest

Setup loan & structure with trusted mortgage broker, accountant, financial planner & lawyer
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Choose a tailored strategy: Starter, Steady Growth, Cashflow King, Equity Uplift, Super or Collaborative
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Review our high-yield, high growth investment opportunities personally selected for you
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A strategy for where you are right now







3. GO Invest

Purchase Property!
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Engage with property manager
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Meet for a 12 month review of your investment journey
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Continue to build towards your long term investment goals
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Exclusive Partner Benefits

Wider Choice

i4property allows you to gain access to a wider choice of properties (many not publicly advertised) via our vast network and contacts.

Trusted Professionals

i4property has built a team of trusted professionals and strategic business partnerships to ensure our clients get access to the best professional advice at every stage of their property journey. We are also happy to work with your preferred service providers should you desire.

Leverage Time

Instead of searching the internet and newspapers every weekend, allow i4property to do the hard work by researching and short-listing suitable properties for you.

Save Money

i4property will ensure you buy within 5% of a bank valuation. Buyer’s agent fees are also tax deductible upon resale.

Reduce Stress

i4property eliminates the stress and frustration of navigating the property market, by providing a strict due diligence, which includes a 24-point criteria check. We also provide property management advice and service when needed.

Industry Knowledge

i4property gives you the upper hand by our understanding of the purchase process, bidding tactics and tricks of the trade used by the banks, agents, builders and property professionals.

Area Knowledge

i4property sources cashflow positive property in locations with good prospects for capital growth to help build your property portfolio faster. Leverage our knowledge of the property markets and our extensive 24-point investing criteria to ensure your home and investment choices are based on solid research.

Our Full Structure Fee

While joining the Property Wealth Partner Program is an annual subscription fee of $750 and entitles you to the full range of services as described above our full fee structure is available upon request. It should be noted that 90% of our clients don’t pay us any extra fees above their annual partner program subscription, as our fees are covered by the developer in the event that a new home and land package is purchased. And for clients who invest in mortgagee and established homes our fees don’t exceed $10,000 dollars.



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