Property VS Bitcoin

What a ride Bitcoin has been, from staggering gains to devastating losses, from Forbes 2013 ‘stock of the year’ (see: here) to a recent plunge that is starting to equal the devastation of the early 2000s dot-com bubble (see: here). So what can we say about Bitcoin VS property that isn’t already self-evident?

The truth is that Bitcoin is not all bad news, it is a new technology based in a Libertarian dream, a currency that’s detached from the state and the control of central banks, that at least until recently saw just under 20,000 accounts exceed the million dollar mark in value, according to The amount of Bitcoin millionaires have been estimated to start at 20,000 but Bitcoin has even created billionaires, such as the first publicly verified Bitcoin billionaires the Winklevoss twins. So while the final figures surrounding the Bitcoin success stories are enshrouded by the secretive nature of crypto-currencies themselves, Bitcoin does represent very real potential. For many it is that future success story… that they wish they had invested in. Or maybe it isn’t. Perhaps it’s most telling that the Reserve Bank of Australia’s head of payments policy Tony Richards can both warn the public about the risky nature of Bitcoin, while also owning just a little Bitcoin himself (see: here). Welcome to the world of speculative investing, if there’s no such thing as a get rich quick scheme then this is where investors go in the hopes they might become the exception to the rule.

However, when it comes to speculative investing there is really only one true rule, that being, only invest what you can afford to lose. But there is another benefit to taking a glimpse at this adrenalin charged high-risk world of speculative investing, it allows us to better understand what property investing is inherently not. At least not historically here in Australia (see: here) where housing prices have risen an average of 8.1% since the 60’s. And while 8.1% is unlikely to create an overnight millionaire out of the average investor that kind of compound interest has incredible proven wealth-building potential, and without the dizzying rollercoaster ride attached.

So if the fear of risk-taking was holding you back from starting out in property, then we propose to you that investment property, especially well-researched investment property, is by all measures at the safe end of the investment spectrum. And if you needed further convincing then taking a look here here, or here might do just that, as the booming world population clock and Australia’s own estimated and projected population numbers, are evidence that the demand for housing is more than likely to continue well into the future.
So if you’ve been considering property but have yet to take the plunge then we invite you to talk to us today on 1300 883 920.